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5 Cybersec Trends to Lookout for in 2023

A recount of what's in store for cybersecurity this new year.

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Santiago Hernández
January 26, 2023

Here at Seccuri we like to stay on top of trends. Working in an industry as dynamic as cybersecurity means new malicious cyber activities are waiting around the corner. Therefore, staying in the lead on emerging threats is essential for understanding what businesses and individuals prepare for.

Here is a recount of what's in store for cybersecurity this new year.

1. A passwordless future is among us

Many companies and individuals are looking for safer authentication methods in order to protect their data. Although the transition will be very slow, tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have already stepped forward to provide their users with passwordless logins to eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords.

2. Fileless malware is here to stay

Undetectable and very harmful, this type of malware is gaining a lot of traction. It doe snot require the victim to download any files, instead it exploits vulnerabilities in well-trusted applications leaving no trail behind.

3. Human factor will remain the weakest     link for companies

New and advanced cybersecurity tools are being implemented in businesses every day, as companies continue to acknowledge the importance of data protection. However, the human factor remains responsible for most breaches. In fact, Verizon's DataBreach Investigations Report holds the human factor accountable for 82% of the intrusions. This is why companies need the top talent in the field to prepare and contain any type of eventuality.

4. Supply chain attacks

The inter connectedness of the global economy presents a challenge in terms of cybersecurity. By attacking intermediaries such as logistics companies and manufacturers, all the companies enclosed in the supply chain are put in jeopardy.

5. Smart vehicles are raising the standards     for the industry's security

Vehicles are becoming more autonomous as they rely more on internet connection, opening the door for new vulnerabilities. Someone can take control of a car or steal it now more easily than ever, setting strong security standards for the industry this year.

 2023 is set to be another challenging year for cybersecurity. With new and improved threats on the horizon, there is much to be done to prepare. Being aware might be the first step into preparing businesses and individuals for the challenges ahead.

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Image Source: Pexeles

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