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Latest Trends on Cybersecurity! A Recap to RSAConference 2023

Written by
Sara Velásquez
May 3, 2023

Last week, part of our Seccuri Team had the amazing opportunity to attend the RSA Conference 2023 event, which was held in San Francisco from April 24 – 27.

Seccuri @ RSAC


Under the theme “Stronger Together”, the event brough together thousands of cyber professionals, institutions, and companies from all around the world to share their perspectives, insights, innovations, and analysis around cyber.


This year, our team had the privilege of connecting with people and entities who today compose the cybersecurity ecosystem, and joined important conferences related to some of the new and trending topics in the field. Some of these conferences included “Bridging the Cybersecurity Skill Gap: Re-Thinking Job Profiles” with speakers @PeterDornheim and @Dr. Thorsten Weber from SAP, “The Future of Cyber Workforce – An Ecosystem View and Global Perspectives” with cybersecurity eminences such as @Seeyew Mo and @Dr. Amit Elazari, and “Perspectives on the Developing Cyber Workforce Strategy”, with an amazing panel that included @Camille Stewart, @Michael Alicea, @Dr. Diana Burley, and @Tara Wisniewski.


As part of our effort to constantly foster cybersecurity awareness among our entire Seccuri community, we have gathered a list of some of the most relevant cybersecurity trends or “hot topics” that were discussed the most during the entire RSA Conference event.


RSA Conference 2023 Trending Topics:


·      The cybersecurity talent gap is a challenge that needs to be addressed rapidly. Today, advanced technology is managing to replace great part of the human effort. However, there is still a growing demand for skilled professionals to make use of this technology, especially offering cybersecurity services.

·      Different strategies for Talent generation were discussed, including the development of new professionals from different career backgrounds, including those belonging to non-STEM fields.

·      Diversity is the way to go for companies and entities looking to recruit new cybersecurity talent.

·       New talent is unsure of applying to cybersecurity jobs as entry-level jobs are looking for skills of experienced candidates. Entry-level job posts must be re-defined to accurately communicate the actual job position’s requirements and focus more on candidates’ soft skills and knowledge.

·       Companies can look for new Talent within their own organizations. Hard skills can be transferred through both training and knowledge sharing.

·       AI is being used today, more than ever, for all sorts of different purposes, opening a world of new opportunities in the digital world and in the cybersecurity world. Now that AI has become much more publicly available, cybersecurity becomes highly crucial in terms of establishing the required controls to safely manage AI related systems. Moreover, the power of AI can enable new cybersecurity capacities that can be useful for all types of organizations, as well as provide the required guidance for training and developing the Talent pool.

·       Quantum technology is having great advances with time. Even though there is still a long way to go on the subject, experts believe it can become highly useful – or pose an important threat - for the cybersecurity arena.

·       Both the private and public sector, along with educational institutions, are working together in different nations, to develop the cybersecurity talent pool and enhance the cybersecurity ecosystem.


We would like to thank the entire @RSA Conference 2023 team for this amazing event, and to all the great panelist who outstandingly delivered each of the insightful conferences!

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