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Let's Address the Elephant in the Room, the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

About the cybersecurity workforce gap and what we can do about it.

Written by
Santiago Hernández
March 1, 2023

Where are the talents in cybersecurity? Just in Latin America, the lack of cybersec workers reached a whopping number of 700,000 in 2022. If that number doesn't say anything to you, imagine 7 packed stadiums. 7 fully packed stadiums of talents the cybersecurity industry in Latam desperately needs for the jobs that are not being filled. Cisco and the Organization of American States (OAS) broke the news and as per usual, we have a lot to say about it.

What's the tea?

The reality is simple. Both public and private organizations share a common enemy, finding and recruiting the best talents in cybersecurity. This talent gap in the cybersec industry is not a new adversary, it has been creeping behind the door for a while back. Ever since the pandemic, the need for cybersecurity training and awareness to find and equip talents has been in the radar for many companies. Progress has been made? For sure. Is it enough? Don't make me laugh. 

In addition to the 7 fully packed stadiums we talked about, there is a shortage of 3.4 million trained cybersecurity professionals globally. How many stadiums could you fill? I'll leave you to it to do the math. Continued technical advances will continue to radically transform one billion jobs over the decade, or so does the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) say. It is clear that the need for training and upskilling professionals to fill the cybersec gap will be a top priority in the short term.

Seccuri is here to save the day!

Workers from every background need to see what we see, that a career in cybersecurity is within reach. This dynamic industry has more than enough space to fill, I think by now it is clear. People with diverse experiences and backgrounds can land a job in cyber, and with Seccuri it's a piece of cake.

We are driven by the dream of closing the cybersec workforce gap globally! Call us crazy, but the idea of impacting the lives of more than 3.4 million workers while working to make businesses and governments safer in the cyberspace keeps us awake at night. If you ever ask yourself again where the talents in cybersecurity are, you will probably find them in Seccuri. A talent pool with workers from all over the world and a training ecosystem ready to upskill everyone who wants to join this exciting and ever-changing industry are awaiting for you.

Sources: DPL News & World Economic Forum

Image source: Pexels

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