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May is All About Mothers – and Many of Them are Thriving in Cyber!

This month, we are happy to congratulate all the amazing mothers out there working in Cybersecurity!

Written by
Sara Velásquez
May 25, 2023

This month, we are happy to congratulate all the amazing mothers out there who day by day commit to working hard to grant our next generations new and better life opportunities!

Even though women currently make up less than a quarter of the cybersecurity workforce according to ISC(2) studies, companies today are becoming much more motivated to recruit women, including mothers, considering the tremendous opportunities that lie in having a more diverse and inclusive team. Mothers, for instance, are being encouraged to pursue careers in cybersecurity, and many of them are thriving at it!

Being both a mother and a cybersecurity professional means having unique skillsets that might be hard to find in other candidates. Mothers have been able to attain important soft skills that are necessary for the development of agile, efficient, and goal-oriented cybersecurity teams. These skills include time management and prioritization, communication, and working well under stressful circumstances.

Moreover, as balancing both work and family time is one of the main priorities for mothers, companies today are focusing on guaranteeing better working environments for their professionals by avoiding burnouts and supporting parenthood by allowing mothers to be as present as possible for their children.

Today, many mothers from all around the world are thriving in the cybersecurity field, paving the way for ambitious newcomers! In Seccuri, for instance, we couldn’t be prouder of our amazing Co-Founder, Olga Botero, who, along with our CEO, Juanita Duque, started this business as the first ever mother-daughter led cybersecurity startup.

While being a mother of two, Olga has had an impeccable career in cybersecurity. Her hard work and devotion to cyber has allowed her to become a Senior Advisor of BCG (Boston Consulting Group) focusing on global financial services, technology, and cybersecurity practices, and become an active member of several Boards of Directors and Cybersecurity Committees of important public and privately held companies in the US and Latin America. Many other career milestones reflect Olga’s outstanding job in the cybersecurity field, including her position as VP of Technology at an important regional financial group in the Latin American region, and holding executive positions at companies such as Orbitel, MecoSoft / Intuit and HP. Today, Olga Botero keeps seeking new challenges in cybersecurity and opening new doors for knowledge sharing. In 2011, she founded C&S Customers and Strategy, a boutique consultancy firm focused on technology and cybersecurity strategy and has been actively participating in seminars and congresses all around the world to spread insightful expertise on matters related to technology and the cybersecurity field. Without a doubt, we couldn’t be prouder of our Co-Founder!

Just like Olga, many mothers are raising the bar in the cybersecurity arena, and exemplifying that it only takes courage, hard work, and motivation to build a prosperous career in this challenging yet rewarding field!

If you are currently a mother looking to initiate your career in cyber, we motivate you to start searching for courses on the topics that interest you the most. There currently exists a wide array of cybersecurity career options to choose from, and now is the right time to start pursuing your dream job. For instance, we invite you to use our Seccuri platform (, a platform where you will be able to find all the tools you need to help you attain your cybersecurity career goals!

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Image Source: Pexels

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