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RSA Conference 2022 Keynotes

During our attendance at this year’s RSA Conference, we had the chance to learn from some of the most influential speakers and recognized pr

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Sara Velásquez
December 14, 2022

During ourattendance at this year’s RSA Conference, we had the chance to learn from someof the most influential speakers and recognized professionals of thecybersecurity industry. Through their unique insights and perspectives, we wereable to understand important overviews regarding today’s cybersecurity mainchallenges, its upcoming trends, and innovative solutions to try to make theworld a safer place.

We had theopportunity to go over some of the most relevant topics related to theindustry, including the growing rate of cybercrime, the basic principlesorganizations must have to prepare for an attack, and the staggering talent gapthat currently exists in the market.

Afterattending several of these conferences, we thought it would be a great idea tobring together some of the key notes obtained from those sessions that stood upthe most and might be of great interest for our CyberSec community, here atSeccuri.

RSA ConferenceKeypoints:

·      Disruptionhas proved to be the catalyst of transformation. It has taught us that identityis the main constant in cybersecurity and that misinformation is one of thebiggest threats posed on human beings today. – “The Only Constant” by RohitGhai, Chief Executive Officer, RSA

·       In this interconnected world,businesses face the challenge of being materially impacted by threatsorchestrated by any actor in their supply chain and ecosystem, which is why itis important to implement the necessary controls to reduce the risk of exposure.– “What Do We Owe One Another in the Cybersecurity Ecosystem?” by JeetuPatel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security andCollaboration, Cisco

·      Toaddress the cybersecurity talent shortage, it is imperative to rethink abouthow to attract more talent and retain it by creating more inclusive platformsin which everyone can work and thrive. – “Innovation, Ingenuity, andInclusivity: The Future of Security is Now” by Vasu Jakkal, Corporate VicePresident, Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity

·      Thecybersecurity arena has become an opportunity for those skillful technologyemployees who now seek to work for a better purpose. – “Soulless to Soulful,Security's Chance to Save Tech” by Bryan Palma, Chief Executive Officer,Trellix

Finally, wewould like to give special thanks to all the RSA team members for setting upthis amazing event as well as all the invited speakers for sharing with ustheir knowledge and leaving us these enriching lessons.

RSA Conference:

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