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The Future Smells Like AI

How AI is changing the game for cybersecurity

Written by
Santiago Hernández
February 16, 2023

We've seen it all over the internet. Midjourney's Discord server generating thousands of photos with its text-to-image service. Or Openai's ChatGPT becoming the internet's new favorite web-based chatbot, interacting in a conversational way to answer follow-up questions, admit mistakes, and challenge incorrect premises. Behind the scenes stands AI, a force to be reckoned with for the future of technology.

AI opened up a new frontier for cybersecurity. This powerful tool offers advanced technology to combat cyber attacks by detecting and blocking threats. But the story doesn't end there. Unlike traditional cybersecurity methods, AI prevents new attacks from taking place by using autonomous learning patterns. Surpassing traditional systems and substantially minimizing threats, AI is stepping up to extend the reach of detection and enhance security.

How Can AI Enhance Cybersecurity?

Vulnerability Management

As companies adopt new technologies, vulnerabilities in the network are likely to pay a visit. AI proactively contains vulnerabilities before they infiltrate the network, using advanced techniques to analyze malicious patterns in order to boost an organization's network security.

Data Handling

They say data is more valuable than oil. With the help of AI, organizations can constantly monitor transactional data within its own network. Thus, protecting the data from possible threats. 

Threat Detection

AI and machine learning employ behavioral analysis to identify malicious activities and prevent upcoming threats. Using real-time autonomous learning patterns, AI is able to offer immediate responses to threats within an organization's network. 

Network Monitoring and Security

AI sets a benchmark for the organization's network traffic and utilizes it to evaluate and guard the network.  

AI in Seccuri?

Aside from all of its security attributes, AI is a game changer for Seccuri. By using our AI algorithm, companies will be able to find the top talent that best matches their job needs in a matter of seconds. Sooner or later, this algorithm will design a career development plan for talents to reach their full cybersecurity potential, with access to the best training and certifications to achieve their goals, all in one place.

Unlocking the potential of AI is upon us. This technology will be essential and heavily integrated as companies adopt newer technologies. With attacks becoming more sophisticated by the minute, AI is set to protect an organization's networks and systems, all while changing the cybersecurity landscape as we know it. 

Sources: Emeritus, Midjourney & OpenAI

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