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Top CISOs Leading CyberSec Strategies from Fortune 50 Companies!

A big shoutout to the top-notch Chief Information Security Officers out there!

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Santiago Hernández
December 14, 2022

Since October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, these few weeks are all about generating conciousness around Cybersecurity!

Our entire team in Seccuri is fully compromised with the cause, which is why we started off Week 1 from our 'Become a Cyber Warrior" campaign by focusing on 'Cyber in Business'. As part of making all sorts of organizations well aware of the importance of Cybersecurity as a means to keep critical assets safe from risks, we have been working hard to offer you some of the best tips and advice for you to consider, when planning and executing your organization's cybersecurity strategy.

In this ocasion, we would like to make a special recognition to the top CISOs from Fortune's main 50 companies around the world, as their strong leadership and efforts in onboarding their Cybersecurity strategies have paved away to new and robust improvements in the field.

1. Jerry Geisler from Walmart
2. Stepehen Schmidt form Amazon
3. George Stathakopoulis from Apple
4. Chandra McMahon from CVS Health
5. Aime Cardwell from UnitedHealth Group
6. Jill Yeomans from Exxon Mobil
7. Phil Venables from Alphabet
8. Michael McNeil from McKesson
9. Alden Sutherland from AmerisourceBergen
10. Jon Raper from Costco Wholesale
11. James Beeson from Cigna
12. Bill O’Hern from AT&T
13. Bret Arsenault from Microsoft
14. Brian Waeltz from Cardinal Health
15. Christopher Lukas from Chevron
16. Christopher Lanzilotta from Home Depot
17. Jim Cameli from Walgreens Boots Alliance
18. Mary Rose Martinez from Marathon Petroleum
19. Dustin Wilcox from Elevance Health
20. Karthik Swarnam from Kroger
21. Patrick Milligan from Ford Motor
22. Nasrin Rezai from Verizon Communications
23. William Patrick Opet from JPMorgan Chase
24. Fred Killeen from General Motors
25. Alan Berry from Centene
26. Guy Rosen from Meta Platforms
27. Noopur Davis from Comcast
28. Michael Morgan from Phillips 66
29. Cheryl Thomas from Valero Energy
30. Kevin Cross from Dell Technologies
31. Rich Agostino from Target
32. Christopher from Fannie Mae
33. Michael Flynn from United Parcel Service
34. Marc Varner from Lowe's
35. Craig Froelich from Bank of America
36. Marene Allison from Johnson & Johnson
37. Thomas Dager from Archer Daniels Midland
38. Gene Sun from FedEx
39. Aman Raheja from Humana
40. Sunil Seshadri from Wells Fargo
41. Ashley Pettit from State Farm Insurance
42. Brian Cincera from Pfizer
43. Al Tarassiuk from Citigroup
44. Tom Bresnahan from PepsiCo
45. Brent Conran from Intel
46. Catherine McCully from Procter & Gamble
47. Nancy Anderson from General Electric
48. Koos Lodewijkx from International Business Machines
49. Zulfi Ahmed from MetLife
50. Tom Doughty from Prudential Financial

A big shoutout to the top-notch Fortune 50 Chief Information Security Officers out there!

Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

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